What’s new with you?

As many of you know, I used to write about the work I was doing with comic books and other interesting artistic adventures in my life.

Well, much has changed.

With a few kids and a lot different outlook on life, I’m working on a few things that are completely different  than anything I ever did in the past.

I thought it might be helpful to explain what I’m working on this week, and that will give you a little bit of a sense as to the current situation, and then we can dive in deeper during future posts about other things that are going on in my life.

As many of you know from recent news events and headlines, there was some severe flooding and a massive damage to many of the homes in my hometown of Houston, Texas. It was very eye-opening to witness the absolute 180° shift in mindset after the flooding earlier this week.

On one hand, it was unfortunate because there was so much damage to physical property and obviously the terrible loss of lives.

On the other hand, it has been really amazing to witness the generosity and all hands on deck mentality of the citizens in this area who are willing to pitch in and help each other out, especially those who were not even affected going and spending all of their time lately working with those who did have some pretty bad damage to their homes.



With all of the damage from flood water, people have been completely clearing their homes of all belongings. It is a tough time for many, and will be even more difficult as everyday needs come to the surface again and people find themselves without the normal comforts, such as couches and television sets, or kids’ toys, etc.

Many different reactions come from this type of a major life event, and it has been promising to see those who have decided to transform this into an opportunity to start anew.

For example, one gentleman I met on the street the other day has decided to go door to door asking homeowners if they need their junk hauled away from the curb. Apparently the city will come by and take it free of charge, but with the smell getting worse by the day, it will not be long before people decide it’s worthwhile to pay for their water-logged stuff to be taken away.

A good friend of mine owns a company up in Chicago that sells used storage containers, and he says business has never been better up in the Midwest. I asked him if would be possible to route some of his conex boxes down to Houston to help people who need massive amounts of junk shipped out of town to the nearest dump. There are also plenty of options down here in Texas, but the inventory seems to cheaper up in Chicago.

Last but not least, it will be important to stay connected to families throughout this whole flood mess. Whether loved ones are nearby in town, or across the country, or even overseas, it makes you realize what really counts when the material items get taken away in the blink of eye.

So stay strong Houston. This too shall pass, and Texans always find a way to prevail. We’ll have to see if the same holds true of Rick Perry in the upcoming presidential election — he says he is a different man now — we’ll have to see how he does!