A bit about life after work is done each day

I am a man, and I have to provide for my family. I am aware of that and will not complain, as it is in our genetic code to make sure that our loved ones have everything they need. That they have a roof over their head, food on the table and clothes to wear, just to mention the essential. And for that, I wake up every morning at 8 a.m. to get ready to leave for office. After enjoying breakfast with my beautiful wife and two kids, I am off to my 8 hours program, sitting at a desk. It is not something thrilling, but if I can pay the bills and make sure everyone is happy, then I am happy as well.

Still, most men, after coming home from work, throw themselves on the couch to watch TV. I am not like that. I try to take advantage the most I can of the remaining time, to enjoy together with my family. I can’t say I don’t feel stressed or tired sometimes, but my family and the great time we have together is the best remedy. A lot of men complain that they are too tired also to do things around the house or spend time with their children. But that is just such a big shame. Our wives also need some help, because most of them also work and take care of the children all day long. So they do appreciate if they receive a bit of your help. Plus, children grow up so fast, and if you are not there for them, you, as a father, will miss all those unique moments that will never come back.

One of my favorite thing to do is to cook together with my wife while the two children draw or do something fun until dinner is ready. We used to enjoy a glass of wine while doing that, laughing, talking about the day, in one word just spending quality time together. I use to chop whatever my wife needs for the recipe. We just split tasks and make everything really fun. The food also tastes better when it is done with good cheer and love. I forgot to mention that we also have a dog. My children wanted a dog, and we thought about getting one, as it teaches them a little bit about responsibility. Of course, they are still too young to be able to walk the dog, so I take care of that as well. But it is another great way to disconnect from work. I nice walk in the evening, gives me the chance to unwind and enjoy some air. And on the weekend, when I have more time, I also take the dog for a job, and take care of other errands and needs such as calling a carpet cleaner or getting some quotes to find out a pest control cost if the season is bad with bugs.

But it is not always about staying at home. We like doing all kind of things of diversifying our days. We go out for dinner, enjoy an afternoon in the park, and go to the cinema for a great movie night and many more. I think we are a great team and all the time we spend together will not only consolidate our bonds, but it will also help us relax and have a better life in general.