A much needed getaway for the fam

After a few long, hard weeks, it was definitely time to get away on a family vacation. As mentioned in my previous post, the flooding that hit Houston was quite rough and cause some drastic changes to people’s lives. Going to a nice tropical destination was awesome, so it only made sense to bring my readers into the virtual heaven that is Cancun, Mexico.

Here’s a little synopsis of what we learned on our trip.

Situated in the coast of the Caribbean Sea on the Yukatan Peninsula, Cancun with its vibrant beach hotels and nightclubs is one of the most important travel destinations of Mexico. Travellers to Cancun can surely expect to experience a gastronomic delight as the countless restaurants of this city serves all kinds of cuisines. Apart from the regular steak houses and seafood restaurants one can also find a large number of eateries specializing in Mexican, Thai, Italian, Chinese, French, Indian and Yucatecan cuisine.

In the rest of this article I am going to take you through some of the coolest dining places in the city.

  • Les Cepages: This 4 years old French restaurant located on Plaza Nichupte serves the most delectable dishes prepared from the freshest ingredients. This place is open on Tuesdays to Saturdays from 3 -11pm and on Monday from 6-11pm. This is a popular eating place for tourists so make sure to make your reservation before turning up. Try out the Roast Lamb Rack served with Mint demi glaze.
  • La Palapa Belga: This tiny open air restaurant which lies hidden in the Hotel Zone of the city is not yet popular with the tourists. La Palapa Belga serves amazing Belgian and French gourmet dishes and one can enjoy his dinner under the open sky while watching the magnificent view of the lagoon. Since the space is limited its suggested that you make your reservations beforehand. They are famous for their mouth watering French deserts and one should surely try out their superb crème brulee.
  • Du Mexique: Located in downtown Cancun on the Bonampak Avenue, Du Mexique is the ideal place for celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary. Head chef Alain Grimond along with his wife Sonya makes the food themselves. The cuisine they serve is an exciting blend of French and Mayan cuisine so gear up for some surprises. While you can choose to nib on a spicy appetizer in the lounge, you can shift to the dining room for the main course and then enjoy your desert on the patio, as long as you don’t sit at a table with low hanging tree branches like we did. In all seriousness, we told the restaurant owner on our way out that he should call a tree removal company to take care of the patio section near table 24!
  • La Habichuela: This fine restaurant located in downtown Cancun serves mouth watering Caribbean, Mayan, Mexican and international cuisines. This restaurant comes with an exciting ambience which includes lots of trees, twinkling lights and indigenous sculptures. Make sure to try out their Mayan Coffee and the Flambe dessert.

The sister property of this restaurant La Habichuela Sunset is just a minute away. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner while watching the spectacular Cancun sunset or enjoy a live jazz performance every night at La Habichuela Sunset.

  • Puerto Madero: This is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular restaurants of the town. Named after the port district of Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero is the favourite dining place of the travellers. Though they specialize in Argentine cuisine you can expect to find a variety of fresh seafood, pasta, salads and steaks.
  • The Club Grill: One of the most posh restaurants in town, The Club Grill specializes in fine meat, duck and seafood. This cozy restaurant comes with a small dance floor and one can enjoy live jazz music while enjoying the dinner.